Marielena Verdugo

My love for photography began when I was only four years old by arranging photoshoots in my backyard using my parent's camera. Growing up in the artistic town of Laguna Beach nourished my creative spirit & continues to inspires me on a daily basis. Little did my parents know that my childhood hobby would become my career. Today, photography continues to be my ultimate passion in life!

Nothing brings me more joy than capturing the essence of a moment and sharing it with others is complete blessing and total pleasure.

My photographs serve as my most precious memories and I hope they can serve as yours too! 

Thanks for visiting my site + I look forward to connecting with you more!


Freelance Photographer.

Full time Mermaid.

Occasional Writer.

B.A. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz, emphasis on journalism.


Feel free to shoot me an email anytime: